Achievements are awards you can get by doing certaian things in a game. Here is a list of acheivements:

Twitter Connector- Tweet your score

Facebook Connector- Post your score on Facebook

Spring Shoes Jumper- Jump with spring shoes with out falling

Serial Springer- Jump on 3 spring in a row

Super Serial Springer- Jump on 5 springs in a row

Monster Bouncer- Jump on 10 monsters in one game

Super Monster Bouncer- Jump on 30 monsters in one game

Conflict Avoider- Jump past 10 monsters in one game

Super Conflict Avoider- Jump past 30 monsters in one game

Sharp Shooter- Shoot 5 monsters in a row with out missing

Super Sharp Shooter- Shoot 10 monsters in a row with out missing

Propellerhead- Use 3 jetpacks in one game

Jetpack Rider- Fly 3 jetpacks in one game

Old fashioned jumper- Jump past 3 jetpacks with out picking them

UFO abduction survivor- Survive UFO abduction

Racing Champ- Win 100 multiplayer races

Racing Hero- Win 500 multiplayer races

Racing Legend- Win 1000 multiplayer races

Endurance Jumper- Jump 200 times on a static platform

Focused Endurance Jumper- Jump 100 times on a moving platform

Epic Fail- Break 50 platforms in one game

Epic Fail FTW- Broke a total of 1000 platforms

Doodle Jump Explorer- Play each them 5 times at least

Monster Chopper- Fly into a monster with a propeller hat

UFO Bouncer- Jump on a UFO

100,000- Jump to over 100,000

Pocket God- Throw some coconuts

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