Jetpacks are a Power Up and can help you get good stats and achievements. Jetpacks are relatively rare, but you can find them in any theme.

The Plain theme jetpack is quite normal. It shoots out flames from the bottom to propel itself and will drop off when it has run out of fuel.

The Christmas theme jetpack is found in a tall orange box with a red ribbon wrapped around. It is red and white(resembling Santa) and emits fire to propel itself.

The Jungle theme jetpack is near identical to the Plain theme one. The Halloween 1 and 2 Jetpack is a broom and emits gas to propel itself.

Halloween theme jetpack

There is no Soccer World Cup jetpack.

The Underwater theme jetpack resembles two can and uses pressurized air to propel itself.

The Easter Jetpack are two carrots together that is propeled by an unknown force.

The Ice/Blizzard Theme does not have a known jetpack.