Platforms are an essential part of a game and keep the game going. There are several types of platforms in which are described below.

Regular platforms

These platforms do not move and are the most common. They can have many different colors like blue, green, blue, and even orange! They are not as coomon as they are in the first 15 thousand as they are later in the game. Springs, trampolines, jetpacks, rockets, spring hsoes, and defense shields can rest on them.


Moving Platforms

These platforms get prgressively more common the higher you get. As infered, these platforms move. They can move horizantally or vertically. Horizantal is more common but vertical ones can still be seen. Moving have a different color than regular ones except in the themes Underwater and Soccer World Cup. Moving platforms can have all power ups except defense shields and trampolines. These platforms are hard to move on but get easier with practice.

Vanishing PLatforms

These platforms vanish, which makes sense considering their name. They vanish and you can not jump on them twice and in some themes (Halloween, Christmas, Soccer, and Space) they are harder to see while in other themes (Plain, Jungle, Underwater, Halloween 2, and Easter) they are more easier to spot. They are simalar to exploding platforms, but they can not be jumped on twice like exploding platforms.

Exploding Platforms

These platforms explode, hence the name. These platforms have many different appearance including flowers, eyeballs, and jellybeans. Some look like a regular platform, but you find out they are not when they explode. These are not found until you get into higher altitude.

Movable Platforms

Only featured in the plain theme, these platforms are movable. You can drag them to where you would like to go but if you put them to close, then you can not keep going and must commit suicide. These platforms are super rare and many people have never heard of them, but they do exist. They can only be found when you first purchase the app and reach high altitudes.

Shifting Platforms

Only in the plain theme, these elusive platforms are only in the new update of DoodleJump. It is a olive green color and when jump on moves to a different spot randomly. It is very hard to jump on these and is a new and easy way to end the game.